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OSP FX1624 24in Guitar Effects Pedal Board with ATA Case Sale

OSP FX1624 24in Guitar Effects Pedal Board with ATA Case


The FX1624 is OSP's 24" Guitar Effects Pedal Board...

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The FX1624 is OSP's 24" Guitar Effects Pedal Board in a road-ready ATA case, perfect for arranging and protecting your valuable effects pedals while traveling between gigs.  The board features pull handles for easy removal and placement on stage, a doghouse option for clean cable routing and self-adhesive Velcro strips for attaching to your effects pedals to the board's fabric surface.  The medium-size FX1624 is the perfect solution for the busy musician who's looking for a clean pedal arrangement with top-notch protection . 

Features and Specifications:

  • Rugged 3/8" Plywood with Black Laminate
  • Tongue and Groove Metal Railing with High-Impact Ball Corners
  • Industrial-Grade Rivets, Latches & Spring-Loaded Handles
  • DogHouse Design with Removable Stage-Ready Pedal Board
  • Rigid, Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet

Product Dimensions and Weight:

Full Outside Dimensions (includes allowances for casters, ball corners & feet as applicable):

  • 26.25"(W) x 7.25"(H) x 18.25"(D)

Product Weight:

  • 22.9 lbs

Inside Dimensions

  • 24"(W) x 16"(D) x 3.75"(H)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

  • 29"(W) x 9"(H) x 21"(D) 

  • 26.8 lbs

For over a decade, OSP has been providing quality cases for affordable prices. Whether you're rolling into a different arena every night, setting up and tearing down a portable church every Sunday, or simply taking your amp across town for this week's gig, you'll find an OSP case to be a perfect companion for keeping your gear safe during transport. 



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