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OSP ATA-CL3 Case for Yamaha CL3 Mixing Console Sale

OSP ATA-CL3 Case for Yamaha CL3 Mixing Console


The mixing console is arguably one of the most imp...

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The mixing console is arguably one of the most important assets in the entire audio world, and rightly so- it's the lifeblood of your production. Keeping this in mind, we've designed a series of cases perfectly suited for the complete protection and convenient transportation of your console. All OSP mixer cases are constructed with sturdy 3/8" plywood, industrial-grade hardware and high-density shock-resistant foam, all to help ensure your mixer arrives to its destination safely. The "-DH" models feature an added doghouse for easy cable storage and input access, as well as heavy-duty 4" casters for improved transport capabilities.

Protect your investment with this ATA Flight Case specifically designed for the Yamaha CL3 mixing console.

Features and Specifications:

  • Rugged 3/8" Plywood with Black Laminate
  • Tongue and Groove Metal Railing with High-Impact Ball Corners
  • Industrial-Grade Rivets, Latches & Spring-Loaded Handles
  • Rigid, Protective Foam Padding Throughout
  • Heavy Duty Slip-Resistant Rubber Feet

Product Dimensions and Weight:

Full Outside Dimensions (includes allowances for casters, ball corners & feet as applicable):

  • 36.75"(W) x 30.75"(D) x 15.25"(H)

Product Weight:

  • 57.7 lbs

Inside Fit Dimensions

  • 33"(W) x 25.75"(D) x 11.75"(H)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

  • 39.5"(W) x 33.5"(D) x 17.25"(H)  

  • 67.5 lbs

For over a decade, OSP has been providing quality cases for affordable prices. Whether you're rolling into a different arena every night, setting up and tearing down a portable church every Sunday, or simply taking your amp across town for this week's gig, you'll find an OSP case to be a perfect companion for keeping your gear safe during transport. 



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